Class DefaultSimulationRunner

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    public class DefaultSimulationRunner
    extends AbstractSimulationRunner
    Push-based simulation runner spawns number of threads as it is configured in the properties file. The source of the runner is the CyclicIterator which streams users zipped with scenarios, that are the entities containing the load generation algorithm. Every time a new user is streamed through the pipeline, the scenario will be executed with the user.

    The caveat is using push-based approach is that the threads can be blocked, once the the load testing implementation is blocking. Alternative approach is the reactive one in which the framework provides a DSL. The load DSL enables developers to write load tests in declarative fashion.

    Erhan Bagdemir
    See Also:
    CyclicIterator, ReactiveHttpSimulationRunner
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        public void start()
        Description copied from interface: SimulationRunner
        Starts the simulation instance.

      • stop

        public void stop()
        Description copied from interface: SimulationRunner
        Stop the simulation instance, by shutting down all components.