Class SimulationConfig

  • public class SimulationConfig
    extends java.lang.Object
    Simulation configuration instances are used to configure Rhino tests.

    Erhan Bagdemir
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    • Method Detail

      • newInstance

        public static SimulationConfig newInstance​(java.lang.String path,
                                                   Environment environment)
        Factory method which creates a new singleton SimulationConfig instance. SimulationConfig instances are bound to their configuration paths. If the configuration path does differ from the existing singleton instance, a new object will be created with the configuration path given, and the existing one will be discarded.
        path - Path to the configuration properties.
        environment - Environment of Environment.
        A new SimulationConfig.
      • getEnvConfig

        public static java.lang.String getEnvConfig​(java.lang.String component,
                                                    java.lang.String property)
      • getConfig

        public static java.lang.String getConfig​(java.lang.String component,
                                                 java.lang.String property)
      • getInfluxBatchActions

        public static int getInfluxBatchActions()
      • getInfluxBatchDuration

        public static int getInfluxBatchDuration()
      • getInfluxRetentionPolicy

        public static java.lang.String getInfluxRetentionPolicy()
      • getMaxConnections

        public static int getMaxConnections()
      • getHttpConnectTimeout

        public static int getHttpConnectTimeout()
      • getHttpReadTimeout

        public static int getHttpReadTimeout()
      • getHttpHandshakeTimeout

        public static int getHttpHandshakeTimeout()
      • getHttpRequestTimeout

        public static int getHttpRequestTimeout()
      • getParallelisation

        public static int getParallelisation()
      • debugHttp

        public static boolean debugHttp()
      • getServiceEndpoint

        public static java.lang.String getServiceEndpoint()
      • getPackage

        public static java.lang.String getPackage()
      • getClientId

        public static java.lang.String getClientId()
      • getClientSecret

        public static java.lang.String getClientSecret()
      • getClientCode

        public static java.lang.String getClientCode()
      • getGrantType

        public static java.lang.String getGrantType()
      • getApiKey

        public static java.lang.String getApiKey()
      • getAuthServer

        public static java.lang.String getAuthServer()
      • getUserFileSource

        public static java.lang.String getUserFileSource()
      • getInfluxURL

        public static java.lang.String getInfluxURL()
      • getInfluxDBName

        public static java.lang.String getInfluxDBName()
      • getInfluxUsername

        public static java.lang.String getInfluxUsername()
      • getInfluxPassword

        public static java.lang.String getInfluxPassword()
      • getVaultEndpoint

        public static java.lang.String getVaultEndpoint()
      • getVaultToken

        public static java.lang.String getVaultToken()
      • getVaultPath

        public static java.lang.String getVaultPath()
      • getNode

        public static java.lang.String getNode()
      • getSimulationId

        public static java.lang.String getSimulationId()
      • getGrafanaEndpoint

        public static java.lang.String getGrafanaEndpoint()
      • getGrafanaToken

        public static java.lang.String getGrafanaToken()
      • getGrafanaUser

        public static java.lang.String getGrafanaUser()
      • getGrafanaPassword

        public static java.lang.String getGrafanaPassword()
      • getServiceClientId

        public static java.lang.String getServiceClientId()
      • getServiceClientCode

        public static java.lang.String getServiceClientCode()
      • getServiceGrantType

        public static java.lang.String getServiceGrantType()
      • getServiceClientSecret

        public static java.lang.String getServiceClientSecret()
      • isServiceAuthenticationEnabled

        public static boolean isServiceAuthenticationEnabled()
      • getBearerType

        public static java.lang.String getBearerType()
      • getHeaderName

        public static java.lang.String getHeaderName()